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New Premium Notebook/Laptop Battery Replacements CS-AC1400

New Premium Notebook/Laptop Battery Replacements CS-AC1400

Model: CS-AC1400
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Notebook/Laptop Battery Articles & Tips

iTEKcanada Offers Free Shipping to All of Canada. ( Free Shipping for All Order over 59$+ ) !
The CS-AC1400 Notebook/Laptop Battery will solve your battery problems or provide you with a spare battery. The CS-AC1400 Notebook/Laptop Battery comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and 1 Year Warranty. Once we have received your new order for the CS-AC1400 Notebook/Laptop Battery, it will be processed within 24-48 hours or on the next business day via CanadaPost Mail.

Purchasing Notebook/Laptop Battery
Notebook/Laptop Battery by iTEKcanada.com are usually lower in price and usually exceed the performance of OEM Notebook/Laptop Battery. Many of iTEKcanada.com’s Notebook/Laptop Battery use the same battery cells as OEM batteries.

What is mAh / Wh?
These ratings show battery`s capacity. Think of them as gas in your car tank, the bigger the tank, the more fuel it will carry and your car will drive longer. Same with these batteries, the higher the mAh/Wh, the longer your device will run between recharges.

Will your higher capacity (mAh/Wh) Notebook/Laptop Battery work in my device, even though my original battery has a smaller rating?
Definitely! Our batteries are designed to be 100% replacements for original batteries. Higher mAh/Wh rating means longer run time between recharges. The higher the rating the slower it will take for the batteries to drain down. Meaning you will get longer talk time with a higher mAh rating. In other word, higher is the mAh number, better it’ll be for your device.

Quality and Safety
This battery contains advanced technical components and has been tested according to strict CE safety standards. The battery contains a chip that prevents overcharging and short circuiting. Next to this the battery is made from high quality cells that do not suffer from a so-called 'memory effect'.'

Factory Fresh
Batteries lose performance over their lifetime, even when they are not used. Many importers and resellers store their batteries in stock for a long time before they are sold. iTEKcanada.com sends products almost directly from the factory, so you are sure that you will get a brand new high quality battery!

Compatible Batteries

Device Manufacturer Battery Number Acer 1CPC159883-01 Acer 60.46Y16.011 Acer 6T226 Acer 7T059 Acer 909-2220 Acer BTP44A3 Acer BTP-44A3 Acer BTP-57A1 Acer CP159883-01 Acer FH2 Acer FH2U Acer FHS2111 Acer FPCBP70 Acer MS211 Acer MS2111 Acer MS2113 Acer MS2117 Acer MS2126 Acer PC-AB6410 Acer PP06L Acer S2111 DELL 1CPC159883-01 DELL 60.46Y16.011 DELL 6T226 DELL 7T059 DELL 909-2220 DELL BTP44A3 DELL BTP-44A3 DELL BTP-57A1 DELL CP159883-01 DELL FH2 DELL FH2U DELL FHS2111 DELL FPCBP70 DELL MS211 DELL MS2111 DELL MS2113 DELL MS2117 DELL MS2126 DELL PC-AB6410 DELL PP06L DELL S2111 Fujitsu 1CPC159883-01 Fujitsu 60.46Y16.011 Fujitsu 6T226 Fujitsu 7T059 Fujitsu 909-2220 Fujitsu BTP44A3 Fujitsu BTP-44A3 Fujitsu BTP-57A1 Fujitsu CP159883-01 Fujitsu FH2 Fujitsu FH2U Fujitsu FHS2111 Fujitsu FPCBP70 Fujitsu MS211 Fujitsu MS2111 Fujitsu MS2113 Fujitsu MS2117 Fujitsu MS2126 Fujitsu PC-AB6410 Fujitsu PP06L Fujitsu S2111 Hitachi 1CPC159883-01 Hitachi 60.46Y16.011 Hitachi 6T226 Hitachi 7T059 Hitachi 909-2220 Hitachi BTP44A3 Hitachi BTP-44A3 Hitachi BTP-57A1 Hitachi CP159883-01 Hitachi FH2 Hitachi FH2U Hitachi FHS2111 Hitachi FPCBP70 Hitachi MS211 Hitachi MS2111 Hitachi MS2113 Hitachi MS2117 Hitachi MS2126 Hitachi PC-AB6410 Hitachi PP06L Hitachi S2111 LIFETEC 1CPC159883-01 LIFETEC 60.46Y16.011 LIFETEC 6T226 LIFETEC 7T059 LIFETEC 909-2220 LIFETEC BTP44A3 LIFETEC BTP-44A3 LIFETEC BTP-57A1 LIFETEC CP159883-01 LIFETEC FH2 LIFETEC FH2U LIFETEC FHS2111 LIFETEC FPCBP70 LIFETEC MS211 LIFETEC MS2111 LIFETEC MS2113 LIFETEC MS2117 LIFETEC MS2126 LIFETEC PC-AB6410 LIFETEC PP06L LIFETEC S2111 Medion 1CPC159883-01 Medion 60.46Y16.011 Medion 6T226 Medion 7T059 Medion 909-2220 Medion BTP44A3 Medion BTP-44A3 Medion BTP-57A1 Medion CP159883-01 Medion FH2 Medion FH2U Medion FHS2111 Medion FPCBP70 Medion MS211 Medion MS2111 Medion MS2113 Medion MS2117 Medion MS2126 Medion PC-AB6410 Medion PP06L Medion S2111 WinBook 1CPC159883-01 WinBook 60.46Y16.011 WinBook 6T226 WinBook 7T059 WinBook 909-2220 WinBook BTP44A3 WinBook BTP-44A3 WinBook BTP-57A1 WinBook CP159883-01 WinBook FH2 WinBook FH2U WinBook FHS2111 WinBook FPCBP70 WinBook MS211 WinBook MS2111 WinBook MS2113 WinBook MS2117 WinBook MS2126 WinBook PC-AB6410 WinBook PP06L WinBook S2111

Compatible Devices

Device Manufacturer Model Notebook/Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 1200(MS2111) Notebook/Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 1202(MS2111) Notebook/Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 1203(MS2111) Notebook/Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 1600 Notebook/Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 1601 Notebook/Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 1602 Notebook/Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 1603 Notebook/Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 1604 Notebook/Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 1605 Notebook/Laptop Battery Acer Aspire 1606 Notebook/Laptop Battery DELL Smartstep 200n Notebook/Laptop Battery DELL Smartstep 250n Notebook/Laptop Battery Fujitsu Amilo D6800 Notebook/Laptop Battery Fujitsu Amilo D6820 Notebook/Laptop Battery Fujitsu Amilo D7800 Notebook/Laptop Battery Fujitsu Amilo D7820 Notebook/Laptop Battery Fujitsu Amilo D8800 Notebook/Laptop Battery Fujitsu Amilo D8820 Notebook/Laptop Battery Fujitsu LifeBook D6800 Notebook/Laptop Battery Fujitsu LifeBook N3000 Notebook/Laptop Battery Fujitsu LifeBook N3010 Notebook/Laptop Battery Hitachi Flora 270W NW4 Notebook/Laptop Battery Hitachi Flora 270W NW8 Notebook/Laptop Battery Hitachi Flora 270W NW9 Notebook/Laptop Battery LIFETEC LT9783 Notebook/Laptop Battery Medion MD9783 Notebook/Laptop Battery Medion MD9783-A Titanium Notebook/Laptop Battery WinBook WJ4000