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Peak Design Pro Strap Pack Save 10$ (Slide+Clutch )

Peak Design Pro Strap Pack Save 10$ (Slide+Clutch )

Model: INK-Peak-Design-Pro-Strap-Pack
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$142.95 $159.99
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  • Includes 1 Slide™ camera sling strap (SKU SL-1), nylon seatbelt-style webbing, anodized aluminum adjusters
  • Includes 1 Clutch™ camera hand strap (SKU CL-1), made of ultra-tough Hypalon with a microfiber inner pad and anodized aluminum adjuster hardware
  • Includes 6 Anchor Link™ connectors - braided Vectran® cords embedded in glass-filled nylon
  • Each Anchor Link connector can withstand over 200 lbs (90 kg) of absolute force. This means the safe working load of Slide and Clutch far exceeds the heaviest of professional camera/lens/accessory combinations.

Note: This bundle includes each product in their separate retail package. They are shipped in a single container though.



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