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MonoPrice® RG59 with 2x18AWG Power,CM Rated- White-CCA

MonoPrice® RG59 with 2x18AWG Power,CM Rated- White-CCA

Model: INK-Cab-15406
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Center Conductor 22AWG Copper Clad Aluminum solid conductor, 0.108" diameter
Dielectric Foamed PE, 0.285" diameter over dielectric
Inner Shield Aluminum/Poly tape, 100% coverage, 0.291" diameter
Outer Shield 34AWG Tin/Copper Braid, 85% coverage, 0.320" diameter
Jacket PE or FR-PVC, CMR/CATVR fire rated
Jacket Thickness 0.043"
Jacket Outer Diameter 0.405" ±0.008"
Minimum Bend Radius 2"
Operating Temperature -40 to +185°F (PE)

-4 to +140°F (PVC)

Tensile Strength 160 lbs
Cable Weight 0.068 lbs/ft nominal
Jacket Spark 4000 VAC
Dielectric Strength Conductor to Shield 3 sec @ 2500 VAC
Impedance 75 ohms ± 2 ohms
Velocity of Propagation 85.0% Nominal
Capacitance 23.9 pF/ft Nominal
Conductor DC Resistance 1.32 ohms/1000 feet
Shield DC Resistance 2.10 ohms/1000 feet
Cutoff Frequency 16.2 GHz
Insulation Resistance 100,000 Megohm/1000 feet
Peak Power 16.0 kW