Anaglyphs 3D Glasses Red Cyan for viewing 3D Videotron
Anaglyphs 3D Glasses Red Cyan for viewing 3D Videotron
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List price: CAD14.95


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Red & Cyan Anaglyph

Framed High Quality Red Blue Plastic Framed
Technology 3D Anaglyph
Design Specific design with large glass size
Visibility Front and side
Notes Low weight and maximum comfort


Anaglyphs 3D Glasses Red Cyan for viewing 3D Videotron :

3D glasses high quality hard plastic framed. The red and cyan glasses used to watch all the shows, films, special events broadcast on the various channel of Videotron. These glasses can also be used to view the anaglyph 3D movies, print, magazines, internet, comics, photos, publications, youtube videos. .

Can I use these glasses to the cinema
No. The technology used in cinema (passive polarization glasses) is different from the ones used by most television "full 3D".
In addition, they can be used for 3D content in anaglyph format.

I do not have any 3D TV. Can I still see 3D content?
Yes. When the programming is broadcast in 3D anaglyph format, it is possible to see the 3D content.
Anaglyph 3D content distributed by Vidéotron requires our model red / cyan glasses or red / blue glasses.

Where can I find 3D content with Videotron?
3D content is available on request via illico, Indigo and special channels (eg Hockey 3D). You can tune to channel 800 for an overview of future programming. For illico on Demand, visit channel 900. - Services

Customer Reviews

Review by  Meredith Marrison
(posted on Jun 09, 2013)
Thanks a million for your professionnel customer service.
Review by  Meredith Marrison
(posted on Jun 09, 2013)
Thanks a million for your professionnel customer service.
Review by  F
(posted on Feb 22, 2013)
Service et bon prix, quoi de mieux! Merci!
Review by  salesman
(posted on Apr 16, 2012)
Best place to Order from. Fast & Dependable service
Review by  Chaz
(posted on Apr 12, 2012)
I have used batteries from other suppliers at a higher cost. This one is at least as good and cost less than others
Review by  Dave
(posted on Apr 09, 2012)
"This item is very good for anaglyph 3D viewing and the glasses are durable. I have bought it for watching youtube 3d videos and video games for Playstation3. The product has very little of the ""ghosting"" effect common with red/blue glasses. Overall, I highly recommend this product."
Review by  Suz
(posted on Apr 08, 2012)
When I first brought them home to play Minecraft in 3D I was pretty disappointed that some of the colors were bleeding. When I tried them on a different monitor, they worked flawlessly. I found out it was because the reds and the blues on the first monitor were not properly calibrated (causing the problem). After I fixed this, they worked great.
Review by  Gilbert
(posted on Apr 04, 2012)
Very satisfied. Would definately order from here again!
Review by  jim
(posted on Apr 03, 2012)
I ordered these 3D glasses, and they arrived promptly and I've very happy with the seller and my purchase.
Review by  Gpaz
(posted on Apr 01, 2012)
Perfect. Fast shipping and good product.
Review by  Rico
(posted on Mar 31, 2012)
Wow! Delivered to my home in less than 2 working days
Review by  lens0192
(posted on Mar 15, 2012)
Ordered 3D glasses for my 16 old grandson. They are actually way better than we thought they would be for the price. Well made, are great when using on his laptop. Hasn't used them for movies yet.
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